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Desktop Repair

Are you getting irritated with your constant breaking down of desktop? Not able to resolve your unresolved issues with your desktop?  Is your desktop giving you a hard time? Need help?We have solution to all your desktop problems? We at Mr.Lappy .com have an instant doorstep repair solution for you.

Our qualified and certified repair technicians will be at your doorstep to bring back your desktop to life. We diagnose and repair all desktop issues within few hours and that to at an affordable price.

Mr. Lappy sources the same quality and branded parts as repair solutions. Along with this, we offer quick doorstep delivery and reliable guarantee.

Server Repair

Now get reliable and instant service repair at affordable prices with We specialize in providing instant service repair that also at your doorstep. Sit back, relax and leave all sorts of service repair worries to us.

Mr.Lappy sources the same quality parts as branded repair solutions. Along with this we offer reliable guarantees.

Mobile Repair

Dealing with mobile issues? Fretting over losing mobile data? We at have an instant solution for you. We understand that mobile is indispensable these days. So, we with our team of qualified technicians will offer doorstep services for all your mobile issues.

Now you can leave all your mobile problems with us. We assure you the best mobile repair services at minimal charges. Also, our mobile technicians will retrieve your data and save it from data loss. We understand the loss of your important contacts, favorite pictures and other memories in your mobile device. So, sit back and relax to experience guaranteed money back mobile repair services by us.

Laptop Repair

Having troubles with your laptop lately? Facing bad luck with long distances of laptop repair shops? Worry not we have a doorstep solution for you. We at Mr.Lappy .com provide free delivery of your laptop at your doorstep after repair. We deal with all sorts of laptop issues(hardware and software) and offer quick services after diagnosis of the problem.
Our technicians are well qualified and certified to handle all your issues with guaranteed branded and original repair services. We also provide money back guarantee if not satisfied with our repairing services. You will also get few weeks warranty with other reliable guarantees. Trust us, your laptop will thank you later!
Now, you don’t have to worry regarding the breakdown of your laptop. 

Data Recovery

Is losing your data giving you sleepless nights? Don’t look further has got an instant solution for you.  We specialize in retrieving all kinds of data and restore hundreds of file formats. Now no need to worry about lost valuable files from PC or USB drive. We can retrieve data from even broken devices. So, get best data recovery service from with a quick doorstep service. Our certified technician will collect your device from your doorstep, retrieve the lost data and bring it back to you in no time.

Printer Repair

A Printer is one of the most indispensable machine at any office. An average printer produces hundreds of pages per day. Printers be it commercial, office use or for home use are prone to breakdown. And if you are facing such issue, then don’t think further as we at are here to ensure that your printer is always working.

Our team of trained technicians is always resolve all your printer related issues that also at your doorstep. You can receive your printer within few hours of its repair. We assure you of our genuine and timely services. Now, you don’t have to travel long distances looking for printer repair. 

MacBook Repair

Facing unsolved issues and getting irritated with Mac Book? No need to worry as we at speacialise in the repair services.  We also speacilize in bringing a broken or dead Mac Book to life. We also provide pick and drop services and offer same day repair service for most of them.

Now, you just have to make an appointment or request our service and our reliable technician will collectyour MacBook from your doorstep, fix it and deliver back to you after the repair. We assure you genuine services with original parts replacement.

iMac Repair

Facing unsolved issues and with your iMac? Do not worry we have a one stop solution for you. We at specialize in repair and up gradation of all iMacs. We understand how important your iMac is to you.

We offer doorstep service for all kinds of repair. Our trusted technicians collect your iMac from your place, fix it and deliver it back to you within few hours of its repair. We provide genuine and quick repair service at an affordable price. We also assure original and branded part replacement.

iPhone Repair

If you are looking to get your Iphone repaired, your search is over. Whether you own a brand new iPhone 11 or the durable iPhone 7 Plus, we have solution for all. We understand how priceless your iPhone to you. We at are ready to provide our repairing services to you that also at your doorstep.

We, with our team of certified technicians deliver the same high-quality service with genuine Apple parts. So, if your iPhone got locked or you have issues like battery replacement, screen repair or other issues deals with all.


Networking may be defined as ‘the linking of computers to allow them to operate interactively.  It is like a system of interconnected computers. It basically means to exchange and transport data between nodes over a shared medium. Nodes also known as a physical network is an electronic device, attached to a network and whose job is to create, receive or transmit information over a communication channel.

The sole of computer networking is to share information. It also carries out the task of creating files and storing them to be accessed by other computers over the network. It also connects different devices like scanner, printer, and fax machine to the computer by connecting it to different computers available over the network. Networking facilitates almost everything from text messaging to usage of internet and streaming of videos.

There are different types of computer networks such as:

LAN or Local Area Network: It uses cable connection to connect a number of computers in the same location which are located in close proximity.

WAN or Wide area Networks: It uses telecommunication devices to link computers in separate locations which are far from each other.

PAN or Personal Area Network: It is based on an individual’s personal space and allows sharing of information in close vicinity of the other person in the same workplace.

Internet: The internet is a system that links existing networks WNN (World Wide Network)

HAN or Home Area Networks: As the name suggests it connects various devices under the same roof such as computers, phones, tablets, television etc.

Certain devices are required for networking such as network cables, routers, hubs and bridges.

Computer networks consist of two designs such as Client/server networks and peer-to-peer networks. Client/server networks gives access to client computers and devices and are used for business purposes whereas peer-to peer networks are more common in homes.

CCTV Installation

Concerned over your house and office safety issues? Getting sleepless nights due to the possibility of theft or fraud in your area? Pondering over getting CCTV cameras installed. We at Mr.Lappy come at your rescue. We provide free doorstep services of installing CCTV at your desired place. We with our team of efficient technicians are ready to offer our services at your convenient time and place.
We also provide free repairs and months of warranty after our services. You can also return us the money if still having issues or nit satisfied with our services. We offer the best services at the best price and can be contacted at any hour of the day.

Digital License

Digital Licence is a set of programs, procedures and documents whose work is to provide instructions to the computer as to what to do, when to do and how to do. The most important position in the software is of OS or operating system. All the other application softwares are supported by it.

The main duty of an Operating system or OS includes communicating with the user, allocating resources to CPU, memory space etc. Transferring data between main and secondary memory is also done by the OS. In short, all the resources are controlled by the OS in the computer system. It can be 16-bit, 32 bit or 64 bit.

Unix/BSD, Linux, Google Chrome OS Windows 2000, Vista, Mac OS etc are some main categories of the operating system.

Utility Software is system software designed to analyze, monitor, configure, optimize settings to maintain the computer. Anti-virus software, Desktop widgets and Backup software are some of its categories.